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Custom Aluminum Accessory Rack

Our customer, a large sporting goods equipment manufacturer, had this part originally produced in steel. Our manufacturing team was asked if the part could be replicated in aluminum and achieve the same strength requirements. Working closely with the customer’s design team to ensure they took full advantage of all aluminum extrusion manufacturing functions, the final design resulted in an equally strong aluminum part that could be manufactured for less than the prior steel part. In addition, the decreased weight of the product dramatically reduced the customer’s distribution shipping costs.
Vitex MI 13-edit.jpg

Component Produced:                         

Accessory Rack


Machining Processes:                           

Cut to length
Machine Features


Secondary Processes

Powder Coated
Punch & Welding
Packaging and shipping fulfillment








Special Features

Precision Extrusion Fit


Complex issues or requirement

Component needed to mate with other formed items



Sporting Goods

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